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Italy has always been a popular destination for tourists of all ages because of its rich history, delicious food, and picturesque landscape. Tourists have many different options to choose from as far as transportation to and from the country; however, cruises through Italy have seen a recent increase in popularity. One of the many positive benefits of a cruise is that tourists can cover many different countries and cities in one trip, as opposed to visiting each locale individually.


A country known for its romance, Italy is also home to one of the most romantic and famous cities in the world: Venice. The city itself dates back over one thousand years and is composed of over one hundred inidividual islands. These islands are all held together by a series of canals that run through the city. Venice is unlike any other city in the world, as the "streets" are all water and people must take a gondola, or water taxi, from one end of the city to another.


There are a wide variety of cruise lines that offer an even wider array of options for cruises through Italy. Many of these cruises travel through Venice, Florence, Rome, Milan, and even the island of Capri. Cruise length and prices vary by the cruiseline, although the price of the cruise is always determined by the amount of nights stayed. Some cruises through Italy can be as short as nine nights or fewer, or as long as eighteen nights or more.


Florence is the capital of Tuscany and is a popular destination for its many museums and churches. The library of San Lorenzo, located in Florence, is home to some of the most magnificent architectural work of Michaelangelo himself. Boboli Gardens, and the church of San Miniato al Monte offer exquisite views of the beautiful city of Florence and the picturesque landscape of the famous Tuscan countryside.


The Mediterranean contains so many different countries in such close proximity to one another, it is much easier to visit many of them in one trip rather than visiting them all individually. Cruises are a great option for tourists who have a strong desire to do just that. With the wide variety of cruiselines and even wider array of cruise packages available, tourists can almost completely customize their own cruise suitable to their individual travel interests. Cruise length and the number of ports the cruise ship stops at directly influences the total cost of the cruise. However, many cruiselines offer discounts for members of the military, senior citizens age 55 years or older, law enforcement officials, members of the fire department, and paramedics. Other discounts may also be available; cruiselines sometimes also offer seasonal discounts and even discounts for people who have previously been on a cruise with the same cruiseline.


Overall, cruises are a wonderful experience and offer tourists the chance to engage in different activities both on and off the ship. Although there are many different destinations and ports available, Italy remains one of the most popular choices for cruises because of its rich history, beautiful landscape, and timeless romance.

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