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If you offer a service related to Italy (such as renting out a house or flat in Italy or importing Italian products to the UK - or if you are a tour guide in Italy) and would like to advertise on this website, please get in touch.


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We don't want tons of advertising on the site because it risks becoming untidy and spoiling the users' experience. Fewer ads also gives better value to the advertisers.


What we're thinking is to have not more than six ads on any one page. Direct advertising can take the place of the Google ads, as and when people want to advertise on a given page. Your advertisement will, therefore, be more or less the size of the Google ads we currently have.


This is an example of what we mean:

You can have an advertisment this size on one of our pages for 15 GBP per year and the same advertisement on two of our pages for 25 GBP per year, payable by PayPal.


If you'd like to advertise on more than two pages, or if you'd like two different advertisments, please get in touch and we can negotiate.


We're not putting any ads on the Homepage because we think this is the wrong tone for the site.


We reserve the right to refuse any advertisement we deem to be unsuitable for placement on


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